JapanTumbler (ジャパンタンブラー)WKT17080601

通常価格:¥ 12,000 (税込¥ 12,960)

¥ 9,200 (税込¥ 9,936)


商品コード: WKT17080601


Peter Smith氏がこの企画のために書き下ろした1品物の書を贅沢にタンブラーにセットしました。
Peter Smith 氏の作品原本がこの価格でお求められるチャンスです。


350ml ステンレス製
H=180mm W=72mm

The work of one article which Mr. SUKUMA of the KANJI Artist wrote new for this plan.
This was sumptuously set to the tumbler.
It is the chance for Mr. SAKUMA's work original to be searched for at this price.
It is the best for a present.
With a paulownia box.
* All these works are using the handwriting original.
If it tries for every goods to become the same image for the reason, I am, but it is not necessarily the same as that of a photograph.